bosom bucky feeding pillow


Bosom Bucky: the breast-feeding pillow that you will find many ways to use long after you are done nursing.

bosom bucky feeding pillow and baby support

The Bosom Bucky Consists of a center Buckwheat pillow insert and two cases made from bamboo fiber, organic cotton and our super soft Minky Dot poly-blend, it's your choice. All Buckwheat is grown in the USA. Grade A. The Bosom Bucky is designed to support both mom and baby while breast-feeding sitting up or laying down. But will find it also works as a infant support pillow while changing a diaper or as lower back support when baby is learning to sit up. The Bosom Bucky is also a great pillow to sleep with for adults and works great as a toddler body pillow. The Versatility of the Bosom Bucky is what makes it unique and why you will love it.

Some uses for the Bosom Bucky breastfeeding pillow...

feeding pillow

Your infant baby or newborn can be positioned at the top of the rounded cone to be fed on your upper breast. The baby can then be lowered into the bottom of the cone to be fed on your lower breast. When your baby grows larger, its head will go in the top rounded part of the cone position and its body will be in the pointed cone. If you have large breasts you can put the baby in the middle and put your breast on the cones edge; this works to form a ledge for your breast helping your baby get a better latch position when feeding without you having to hold your breast. Once your baby falls asleep, you can simply leave him/ her there without having to be moved, and they are already in a safe position (on their back with the pillow sides supporting them to not roll over).

newborn infant

While your baby is smaller you will use the Bosom Bucky pillow snapped. Once your baby is larger you will use the Bosom Bucky pillow mainly un-snapped.

baby upright

To use the Bosom Bucky pillow as a lumbar support when your baby is starting to sit up, you simply form the pillow around their bottom (lumbar and thighs).

sitting up

The Bosom Bucky pillow can also help with nursing while sitting up on a couch or recliner in the 'L' position.

lay down

The Bosom Bucky pillow's main design is for mothers who need to lie down to feed their babies. Normally you would need to change sides when feeding a baby while lying down (to feed them on both breasts). The pillow eliminates the problem by allowing you to not have to change sides. This helps mothers after a cesarean and also benefits your baby after nursing by allowing them to rest in a supported angled position.

The Bosom Bucky pillow (and case) is also made with the environment in mind, using sustainable resources such as bamboo and buckwheat.

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